Six tips you must know for telehealth funding

Last month, HTRC Director Eve-Lynn Nelson, Ph.D. presented the monthly Telehealth Resource Center webinar. Tapping into her years of experience and millions of dollars worth of telehealth funding procured, she summarized these tips for grant funding success:

1. Know whose expertise do you need at the table to make a compelling case. Encourage multiple perspectives and don’t forget business people to read the fine┬áprint, and creative people for input on detailed pictures and titles.

New business model. New business project start up.

2. Consider the long haul when looking for grant opportunities, such as whether a grant will be recurring or not. Research several different types of potential funders (patient populations, service sites, health conditions, health prevention, government, telecommunication companies, internal, professional organization, foundation, etc.) Remember that sometimes smaller grants can be just as impactful as big ones in the long run.

3. Make your plan as easy to review as possible — avoid jargon, organize your writing, and use pictures if allowed. Remember the reviewer may not know specialty language, so make sure to use plain language. Continue communication with the program officer/funder throughout the project for clarity, and after the project is complete, to establish relationships for future network development.

4. Do your homework about who’s eligible to apply. If your organization is not, you could become eligible if there are any partnership opportunities. Collaborate on putting together a persuasive budget narrative, and sketch out how the budget will meet aims.

5. Establish your vision first to stay organized and energize the community. Are you looking to advance business planning for the purpose of establishing short or long-term sustainability; or a time-based research grant, in order to inform other programs about whether this approach will work?

6. Don’t forget to reach out to your regional Telehealth Resource Center for long-term planning needs!

Watch the entire presentation here.
Download presentation slides here.

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