HTRC Services

HTRC specialists are available to answer questions and assist by phone or in-person at meetings, conferences or workshops. With today’s awareness of telemedicine we generally need less than one or two hours to provide enough guidance to get an organization started. We provide most services free of charge for up to two hours. However, for those who need more hands-on telehealth solutions, we provide several service options:

Just getting started? Our eSTART Assessment provides a thorough on-site needs assessment, including a technology assessment. This package will provide you with the data you need for a competitive grant application.

Cost: Large institution (Full day) $1500
Small institution (Half day) $950.

Need a little extra help getting started or expanding your program? HTRC offers project and network management on an hourly fee basis.

Cost: $75/hour

Need help choosing a technology or deciding how much broadband firepower you'll need? We'll send our telemedicine IT specialist to you.

Cost: $550
Follow up visit to test connectivity or conduct training $75/hour

For institutions or organizations needing temporary assistance in management or administration of a telehealth or telemedicine network, HTRC can provide an experienced person to fill that role on a temporary or contractual basis.

Cost: Negotiable based on experience level required and length of time to complete the task.