At HTRC, we work to make information accessible. Please consult this table for common questions about Oklahoma telemedicine reimbursement and licensing for Oklahoma Medicaid (SoonerCare) and private insurance. However, this is meant as a quick reference guide only. For more nuanced questions, please call HTRC at 877-643-HTRC (4872).

Oklahoma Rules and Regulations
InsuranceNo additional malpractice insurance is necessary.
LicensingMust be licensed in Oklahoma, but no special license is needed.
CredentialingNo additional credentialing is required.
Establishing patient relationshipInitial visit can occur via two-way, interactive video conferencing. Phone, email or fax are insufficient.
ConsentNo additional consent is required for telehealth.
TelepresenterThere must be a telepresenter in the room with the patient, except for behavioral care where there only has to be someone in the room at the start of the visit.