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HTRC and a happy patient usher in telehealth in Kansas CAH

Minneola District Hospital in Minneola, Kan. is embracing change under the leadership of CEO Debbie Bruner, and after their first telehealth patient to receive outpatient services “raved about how wonderful it was,” they are increasingly sure they’re headed in the right direction. When a patient requested telehealth two years ago, it was a different story. […]

Meta ECHO Conference 2017

Reaching Project ECHO‘s goal of touching one-billion lives by 2025 looks more attainable with each passing month. The program has proliferated to include 139 ECHO hubs in 23 countries. ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is often described as a force-multiplier, a way to help primary care providers gain specialty care skills that they can then […]

ECHO reducing impact of childhood asthma in Missouri

Deb Cook, RN, AE-C, and her team are serious about impacting asthma. To accomplish this goal, Cook who is the director of health services for the public school system in Kennett, Mo., regularly participates in Show-Me ECHO’s Impact Asthma ECHO. ECHOs (Extenstion for Community Healthcare Outcomes) are virtual learning networks where teams of specialists mentor primary care providers […]

Three more years!

HTRC is pleased to announce an additional three years of funding awarded by the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA). We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve the heartland region, expanding access to quality healthcare for rural and underserved communities in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Here’s to three more years of access, […]

Telehospice providing comfort in rural Kansas

One need look no further than the windshield of a hospice nurse to understand why telehealth is a good fit for hospice. From mud to snow, traveling through rural Kansas can be a challenge, one which determined nurses traverse daily to ensure they can be with their patients in their hour of need. Those trips […]