Missouri legislation would remove more barriers to telehealth

A new Missouri bill, sponsored by Representative Jay Barnes (R-Jefferson City), aims to reduce telehealth barriers and prevent future enactment of barriers. HB1617 would remove the requirement for a telepresenter except in cases where a second professional would be in the room for an in-person visit. For example, a nurse might be present for an in-person cardiology visit but a patient would likely be alone with one professional in a room for medication management. Barnes’ bill would also dispense with current provisions that limit which types of professionals can be reimbursed for asynchronous visits. Importantly, it would make it easier for Missouri schools to implement telehealth programs. Currently, schools are handicapped by the requirement that parents provide consent for each telehealth visit, whereas HB1617 would require only an annual parental consent. HTRC will keep you updated on the bill’s progress.

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