Kansas looks to expand their Project ECHO offerings

The Kansas Project ECHO, led by the University of Kansas Medical Center, will soon expand their ECHO offerings to include asthma and chronic pain. Project ECHO is a case-based model that uses videoconferencing to connect primary care providers (PCP) to teams of specialists so PCPs can improve their “specialty skills” for a particular chronic condition.KUMC ECHO

Chronic pain is the number one reason Kansans seek medical care. It affects more people than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. Despite being such a common condition, chronic pain is rather complex to treat. Chronic pain is often treated with opioid prescriptions, but they have limited long-term benefits. Properly treating chronic pain requires identifying the root cause of the pain, and that is where Project ECHO can help. By working with an interdisciplinary pain management specialist team, participants will be able to consider all possible options for treating their chronic pain patients.

Asthma is another chronic condition with a major impact on the state with about 1 in 12 people in Kansas currently suffering from asthma. Although common, asthma can be difficult to manage. Providers don’t always prescribe the most appropriate medications, and lifestyle and environmental complications can make it challenging for patients to adhere to their treatment plan. Project ECHO helps by allowing rural providers to learn the best practices for asthma care and review their cases with an asthma specialist team.

The asthma and chronic pain ECHO’s will begin this fall. To register or receive more information, email Carla Deckert at ProjectECHO@kumc.edu.

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