State telehealth regulation quick reference guides

Looking for a quick, easy-to-digest summary of telehealth regulations by state? HTRC maintains state-by-state quick reference guides for Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. These guides are meant to serve as a starting point for reimbursement and regulations, but please contact HTRC for more detailed information at 877-643-HTRC.              

New youth telemental health practice guidelines

According the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychology, up to 20 percent of all children will develop a mental or behavioral health disorder before age 18. Unfortunately, only 20 percent of those diagnosed receive treatment. So it’s important that providers are making their services more readily available to rural and frontier populations, where economic […]

Practical tips for procuring telehealth reimbursement

In April,  Kansas City Digital Drive, with support from REACH Healthcare Foundation, sponsored a workshop “Reimbursement to Value in Telehealth” to help providers better navigate the telehealth reimbursement universe. HTRC Director Eve-Lynn Nelson, Ph.D served on a panel to discuss telehealth success stories. The day was packed with useful information, according to HTRC Project Director Janine […]

HTRC partners present at National Rural Health Association Conference

Representatives from HTRC partners Missouri Telehealth Network and University of Kansas Center for Telemedicine and Telehealth recently presented on Project ECHO and telehealth at the National Rural Health Association Conference in San Diego. Carla Decker, director of Project ECHO at the University of Kansas and Rachel Mutrux, director of Missouri Telehealth Network were invited to […]

Six tips you must know for telehealth funding

Last month, HTRC Director Eve-Lynn Nelson, Ph.D. presented the monthly Telehealth Resource Center webinar. Tapping into her years of experience and millions of dollars worth of telehealth funding procured, she summarized these tips for grant funding success: 1. Know whose expertise do you need at the table to make a compelling case. Encourage multiple perspectives […]

Telepresenter best practices

A good virtual visit is more than just the technology. In this HTRC telepresenter training video, our Oklahoma experts share two polar-opposite scenarios demonstrate how to make the most of a virtual visit and improve the quality of the interaction for patients and providers. Simple things from body language to office lighting, can influence the patient’s […]

Nurse to nurse telehealth tip article

In a recent article on, Dr. Susan Sportsman discussed telehealth, and the important role nurses play. According to Dr. Sportsman’s article, “The global telemedicine market will be worth $34 billion by 2020 … and by 2018, more than 65 percent of interactions between patients and healthcare organizations will occur via mobile devices…” The telehealth […]

Three tips to help you avoid telemedicine faux pas

Learning telemedicine isn’t just about the technology – there’s etiquette involved, just like in an in-person visit. You can help your staff and providers avoid potential faux pas by picking up tips from experienced telemedicine providers. In this video, Missouri Telehealth Network Medical Director Dr. Karen Edison shares proven tips from her 20 years of […]

Oklahoma Focus on Telehealth Slideshow

The recent Focus on Telehealth workshop in Oklahoma City, Okla. featured hands-on stations so attendees could learn telepresenting tips and tricks from experts at each station. But for those of you who could not attend the workshop, check out this slideshow for a whirlwind tour of telehealth tips! The workshop was sponsored by the Telehealth […]

Seven ways get your home telemonitoring program started

The Center for Connected Health and the Center for Technology and Aging recently took an in-depth look at congestive heart failure and COPD home monitoring programs from across the nation.  Based on this research, they developed a calculator tool to help health care organizations evaluate the cost and benefits of a home monitoring program. In […]

Is the technology part of your routine?

According to HTRC Project Director Gordon Alloway, integrating telemedicine into the everyday workflow is essential to assuring that the technology will be used to the fullest. “We’ve seen cases where a facility invests the time and start-up costs in the technology, but then the people who are trained on it move on to other jobs […]

Successful implementation is in the details

The HTRC’s regional implementation team knows that setting up your telemedicine program is more than getting the equipment installed.  Attention to detail can go a long way to keeping a program up and running. Recently, we sat down with another implementation expert, Dr. Russ Smith, administrative director of telemental health for the Oklahoma City VA […]

Applying health literacy to telehealth

In this video, Stan Hudson, associate director, University of Missouri Center for Health Policy, discusses evidence-based techniques for improving patient-provider communication in a telehealth setting.

3 Steps to Better Telehealth Encounters: Health communication tips

Telehealth is often cited as a critical tool for increasing access and delivery of health care. But just as critical is how doctors and other providers communicate with patients, no matter whether the visit is in-person or via videoconferencing. To highlight the importance of patient-provider communication, the HTRC and its partners mark October’s Health Literacy […]