State telehealth regulation quick reference guides

Looking for a quick, easy-to-digest summary of telehealth regulations by state? HTRC maintains state-by-state quick reference guides for Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. These guides are meant to serve as a starting point for reimbursement and regulations, but please contact HTRC for more detailed information at 877-643-HTRC.              

Family physicians are interested in telehealth, few are using

A study recently published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (JABFM) indicated that while interest is high, only 15 percent of family practice physicians were using telehealth at the time of the survey.  Of those who had used telehealth in the past year, nearly half had used it 5 times or fewer. […]

New youth telemental health practice guidelines

According the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychology, up to 20 percent of all children will develop a mental or behavioral health disorder before age 18. Unfortunately, only 20 percent of those diagnosed receive treatment. So it’s important that providers are making their services more readily available to rural and frontier populations, where economic […]

School nurses vital to implementation of school telehealth program

Children’s Health Dallas has implemented one of the country’s most successful school telehealth programs. Children’s VP of Virtual Health and Innovation Julie-Hall Barrow, Ed.D., who recently keynoted the Missouri Telehealth Summit, sat down with HTRC to talk about the important role school nurses have played in that success of that program and why telehealth in […]

Study finds DTC telehealth visits not a panacea

A study released in the March issue of the Journal of Health Affairs indicates that direct-to-consumer (DTC) telehealth may not be the cost-savings gold mine that employers are seeking. The study looked at claims data for upper respiratory illnesses, the most common complaint by direct-to-consumer telehealth users. Their data estimated that only about 12 percent […]

National ECHO bill heads to House

On November 29, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed SB 2873, the Expanding Capacity for Health Outcomes (ECHO) Act. Though it does not appropriate any funding, the act would authorize the U.S. Department of Health and Senior Services to study the ECHO model developed by the University of New Mexico to evaluate its effectiveness on a […]

HTRC director publishes telemental health guide

HTRC Director, Eve-Lynn Nelson, PhD, a professor of pediatrics and telemedicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) and licensed psychologist, recently co-authored a new book, A Practitioner’s Guide to Telemental Health: How to Conduct Legal, Ethical, and Evidence-Based Telepractice by David D. Luxton, PhD , Eve-Lynn Nelson, PhD , and Marlene M. Maheu, […]

MTN research confirms patients love telehealth

For providers worried about offering telehealth, new research from the University of Missouri and Missouri Telehealth Network (MTN) puts those qualms to rest. Researchers surveyed Missouri telehealth patients, doctors and technology coordinators across the MTN network. Eighty-three percent of patients agreed that they received skilled care through telehealth. Moreover, over three out of four agreed […]

Oklahoma TeleBurn Survey

Attention Oklahoma hospital providers and administrators: Please take a few minutes to complete this important survey from Integris Health:

HTRC continues work with Oklahoma legislature

HTRC Sponsored Program Director Cynthia Scheideman-Miller recently presented to Oklahoma’s Government Modernization Committee as part of an interim study. The study, “Leveraging Technology to improve Healthcare Access and Outcomes,” was sponsored by Rep. Glen Mulready (R-Glenpool), who has become a champion of telehealth in the state. Scheideman-Miller’s presentation covered the results of a survey of over 600 […]

MTN telederm app

Missouri Telehealth Network Assistant Director Mirna Becevic recently designed and implemented a pilot study to test a dermatology app built by the University of Missouri team. The teleMDID (Mizzou Dermatology Image Database) makes clinical photos immediately available to be viewed on clinicians’ iPads so that they do not have to wait on the far site […]

iPads support patients with severe digestive disorders

For patients with severe digestive disorders, receiving nutrition intravenously through a central line can be a lifesaver. Also called home parenteral nutrition (HPN), these IV lines can improve patients’ physical health, as well as the quality of life. But despite modern advancements in pump technology that allow more patients to be treated at home, there […]

Kansas telemonitoring project shows promise for reducing hospital admissions

Home telemonitoring works. That’s according to a Kansas-based study recently published in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare. In the study, co-authored by the HTRC Principal Investigator Ryan Spaulding, researchers showed promising results from a home telemonitoring program that reduced hospital stays for seniors by an average of nearly 11 days per year. The study was conducted […]

FCC announces major changes to current Rural Health Care Program

Recently the FCC announced that it will institute a Healthcare Connect Fund to help establish robust Internet connections to increase the availability of telemedicine. This move is largely informed by success from pilot projects that were launched in the 2006 Rural Health Care Pilot Program. The report, released in 2012, detailed impressive results including a […]