KUMC’s TeleECHO program is partnering with rural Kansas communities to treat autism

The rural southeastern Kansas communities of Pittsburg, Coffeyville, and Baxter Springs are partnering with the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) as part of a three-year, grant-funded initiative to improve autism and other developmental disorder outcomes in the area. The initiative will use KUMC’s TeleECHO clinics to link autism specialists at the University with primary […]

Telehealth may expand Oklahoman’s access to optometrists

A bill to expand telehealth in the field of optometry is currently making its way through the Oklahoma State Senate. Senate Bill No. 1163 proposes the use of “…applications designed to be used on a computer or video conferencing via an Internet device either in person or in remote locations…” According to HTRC’s Cynthia Scheiderman-Miller […]

Kansas connects community to free mental health and substance use checkups

A Central Kansas partnership will soon use telehealth kiosks to connect adults and adolescents with substance abuse or mental health issues to providers. Additionally, the project will connect law enforcement and local mental health centers for real-time psychiatric screenings. The Centene Foundation for Quality Healthcare, in collaboration with Cenpatico awarded $110,000 to the Pawnee County […]

Bipartisan, federal legislation would mark a major advancement in telehealth coverage

Medicare may soon be lifting many of its telehealth restrictions. The Creating Opportunities Now for Necessary and Effective Care Technologies (CONNECT) Act, better known as the CONNECT for Health Act, is a bipartisan bill introduced to Congress in February. The Act would eliminate section 1834(m) of the Social Security Act, which includes several key barriers […]

MTN research confirms patients love telehealth

For providers worried about offering telehealth, new research from the University of Missouri and Missouri Telehealth Network (MTN) puts those qualms to rest. Researchers surveyed Missouri telehealth patients, doctors and technology coordinators across the MTN network. Eighty-three percent of patients agreed that they received skilled care through telehealth. Moreover, over three out of four agreed […]

HTRC helps KS facility plan to provide needed services through telehealth

HTRC Project Director Janine Gracy was recently invited back for an encore presentation to Prairie View, a mental health center in Newton, Kan.  Mary Carmen, Ph.D., vice president of operations and older adult services, asked Gracy to return to talk with Prairie View providers about the value of telehealth services and integration. “We asked Janine […]

Oklahoma expands PA scope-of-practice with telehealth

Oklahoma, like most regions of the U.S., faces a primary care shortage. But a new law that went into effect November 1, marked another step in the Sooner State’s effort to improve primary care access via telemedicine. New legislation allows physicians to supervise physicians’ assistants (PA) via telecommunications and eliminates the requirement that supervising physicians […]

How helpful is the TRC Listserv? Survey says…

While new technology and software apps seem to launch every day, more traditional technologies, like listservs, can get a bad rap. Omer Malik, an MU Health Management and Informatics student and former Missouri Telehealth Network intern, recently examined this issue for the national Telehealth Resource Center (TRC) listserv and shared findings during a University of […]

HTRC presents at APHA

HTRC recently attended the American Public Health Association’s Annual Conference to present findings from research interviews conducted with rural hospital and federally qualified health center leaders. Through the research, HTRC was able to dive deep and explore the true opportunities and barriers to telehealth adoption in rural and underserved areas. “These hospitals are really feeling the pressure,” said HTRC’s Natalie Hampton, lead researcher […]

Oklahoma payer adds telehealth coverage

Another Oklahoma payer recently announced the addition of telehealth coverage for specific services, effective Jan. 1, 2016. HealthChoice, Oklahoma’s insurer for state employees and the Department of Corrections, added codes that will allow some provider visits via videoconference. Additionally, HealthChoice added codes that reimburse for telephone evaluations, but these codes apply only to existing patients. […]

Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) considers changes that could affect funding for telehealth

The Oklahoma Universal Services Fund provides, among other things, partial funding to health care facilities to cover the cost of a broadband line used for telemedicine. Eligible facilities include both urban and rural hospitals, federally qualified health centers, community mental health centers, public health departments, tribal facilities and corrections. However the OCC is considering reducing their coverage – […]

Kansas pediatric conference

HTRC recently exhibited at the Kansas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics annual conference to provide resources for and better understand the needs of pediatricians. According to HTRC director Janine Gracy, one of the biggest barriers to pediatric practices’ implementation of telehealth is that they are simply very, very busy. “We have received inquiries […]

Mercy taking telehealth to the limit

  This month Mercy opened the first freestanding telemedicine center that will exclusively see patients remotely. With a staff of 330, the new $54 million complex houses specialists who can monitor and diagnose patients, as well as mid-level providers who will use state-of-the-art technologies to care for a growing number of patients. Though based in […]

TRCs address needs of rural users with vendors at mHealth Summit

The annual mHealth Summit regularly features mind-blowing health technologies, bringing together vendors, clinicians and administrators from across the country. But asTelehealth Resource Centers (TRCs), we frequently work with rural organizations with lower-tech and lower-cost telehealth needs. At the November 8-11 Summit, HTRC’s Janine Gracy and other regional TRC representatives met with vendors who wanted to learn more about rural health […]

Telepresenter best practices

A good virtual visit is more than just the technology. In this HTRC telepresenter training video, our Oklahoma experts share two polar-opposite scenarios demonstrate how to make the most of a virtual visit and improve the quality of the interaction for patients and providers. Simple things from body language to office lighting, can influence the patient’s […]