COMMENTS DUE TODAY! FCC Seeking Comment on Universal Service Funds

The FCC has issued a Public Notice (DA 12-1166) seeking further comment on issues in the Rural Health Care Reform Proceeding , particularly with regard to the proposed Broadband Services Program. The Commission has stated that “A more focused and comprehensive record will help the Commission craft an efficient permanent program that will help health care […]

SKC Symposia Presentations

Did you miss Heartland TRC during the SKC Technology Summit in Kansas City? Now you can catch up with slides from the trainings. (Additional A/V recordings will be posted soon.) Goodland Regional Medical Center Kansas Telehealth Services & Pediatric Epilepsy Missouri Telehealth Network – Getting Started in Telehealth Missouri Telehealth Network – Presenting Telehealth South […]

Oklahoma’s HTRC Group Highlights Value of Telemedicine

Rural patients and providers in Oklahoma are benefitting from telemedicine, according to a recent interview with members of the Oklahoma Heartland Telehealth Resource Center. Profiled on Oklahoma’s OETA Network, Candace Shaw, director of telemedicine at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, discussed how telemedicine is bringing care to patients in remote areas. “With technology, […]

SKC Communications Technology Summit: Telehealth Symposium & Training

The Heartland Telehealth Resource Center (HTRC) has organized a series of valuable, educational telehealth events as break-out sessions during the 5th Annual SKC Communications Technology Summit. Register today. Telehealth Technology Symposium Brief presentations by current users of interactive communications for: Intensive Care Behavioral Health School-Based Outpatient Oncology Home Care Interactive audience-panelist discussion and survey on […]

Telehealth in Kansas Brings Rural Access to Epilepsy Specialists and Services

Epilepsy, a chronic physical disorder with its unseen disturbance of brain activity and characteristic repeated seizures over time, is an ongoing challenge for patients and families often requiring considerable healthcare support. The magnitude of this challenge increases when the patient is a young child or the family resides in a rural area with few resources. […]