The American Telemedicine Association is an international resource and advocate promoting the use of telemedicine. ATA works to fully integrate telemedicine into healthcare systems to improve quality, access and cost of health care.

The National Telehealth Technology Assessment Resource Center aims to create better-informed consumers of telehealth technology and offers a variety of technology assessment services. TTAC can answer questions about selecting appropriate telehealth technologies.

The Center for Telehealth & eHeatlh Law is a national telehealth resource center dedicated to overcoming legislative and regulatory barriers to telemedicine implementation and practice.

The Center for Connected Health Policy is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to maximize telehealth's ability to improve health outcomes, care delivery and cost effectiveness.

Regional Resources

Telehealth Resource Centers (TRCs) are funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration's Office for the Advancement of Telehealth. There are 14 TRCs with 12 regional centers, including HTRC. Two national centers focus on technology assessment and telehealth policy.


Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee

North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska

Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida

Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC

Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada

Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New York

Texas and Lousiana

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming and Alaska

Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio

Hawaii and Pacific Basin

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